How can I link my office desk phone with my mobile phone?

Many people have asked us to explain Desktop & Mobile Linking or Pairing, which leads us to this post. In the current climate, many business owners are exploring as part of their business continuity plans the ability to allow office extensions and company phone numbers to be accessible on employee’s mobiles. You can link your […]

0500 numbers become obsolete in June 2017. Are you prepared?

Non georgaphic 0500 number

Freephone 0500 number range to become obsolete, June 2017. The majority of UK freephone numbers now begin with 0800 and 0808, which makes the 0500 number prefix obsolete. The 0500 number ranges were set up to be free to call.  They generally remain so from landline telephones, including payphones, but most mobile phone companies will charge for calls. As 0500 numbers are not well recognised by […]