SIP Trunking: 10 Things Every Business Should Know

Have you been looking to find out more about SIP trunking and the benefits these could provide for your users? While the benefits of SIP trunking may not always be immediately clear, there are countless reasons you might want to invest in SIP trunks for your business’s call centre. And with this in mind today, […]

What is the benefit of a Gamma Horizon hosted phone system?

Gamma Horizon

What is the Horizon Phone System? The Horizon phone system is a hosted communications system that can provide businesses of all shapes and sizes with a wide range of telephony capabilities through an incredibly easy-to-use web portal. The system is designed to help businesses take back control of their fixed and mobile telephony by enabling […]

The Ultimate Guide to Sip Trunks

Your Guide to Sip Trunks  Is your business still using the traditional PSTN to make phone calls? The modern telecoms industry is all about SIP Trunking, which will soon replace this outdated technology. You should be looking into how it works so you can prepare for when VoIP becomes more widespread and take advantage of […]