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We live in an inter-connected, technology-driven, global marketplace which, while providing a world of opportunities, also comes with some fierce challenges which small businesses must face.

Whether your business is facing increased competition from new entrants, demands to enhance client responsiveness, or to provide a more personalised service, ultimately your customers want added value, every step of the way. Choosing the best small business phone system, or considering strategic use of virtual numbers will go a long way towards meeting those goals.

Hosted Phone systems for small business

Juno Telecoms provide several small business telephone systems suitable for all offices. We have engineered business telephone systems and have installed VoIP telephone systems or hosted telephony across the UK. Should you require assistance choosing the right telephone system for your business we can assist. Juno will help with all aspects of your telephone system solutions, not only the small business phone system, but numbering plans including virtual numbers, broadband, mobiles and more. We are a business telephone systems provider that is well recognised so if you are a small business that is considering a small office telephone system, then let us help you find the best system.

Juno can provide you with fully-featured, application-rich connectivity and communications solutions that ensure you are always able to focus on the needs of the customer and provide an exceptional experience to all.

We can help you effectively manage the customer experience, improve operational efficiency, maximise the returns on your investments in technology and address your compliance requirements.

We can also help you create a more flexible and agile working environment to enhance collaboration and improve communication.

Virtual numbers for small business marketing

A Virtual Number, which is also referred to as a local or geographical number, is an inbound number with a local call prefix e.g 0115 for Nottingham, or 0113 for Leeds which is called at local rate. Small businesses can create the appearance of a physical presence in any UK location by choosing a variety of what appear as localised numbers. Hence, attracting local business through strategic advertising to targeted markets, simply by using a virtual number. These virtual inbound numbers can then be pointed back to the small business phone system, and dealt with as normal.

International numbers can also be arranged, again to give the impression that one has a presence in the specific country e.g. South Africa, and to have the number pointed to the business telecoms phone set up in the UK office. Likewise Virtual mobile numbers can be set up, for example, to turn your PC or tablet into a mobile phone to allow you to receive SMS messages online wherever you are.


What is the best small business phone system?

The best VoIP telephone system for a small business depends on several factors. During a site survey we will take into account your requirements, available broadband services and more, to identify the best hosted phone system for your needs.

Will you show us how to set up a small business phone system?

Yes we will set the hosted telephony up for you initially, and provide as much training as is required to use the administration portal.

Can I get call recording with my hosted phone system?

Yes, call recording is available and considers compliance matters such as PCI and MifiD.

How much does it cost for a hosted phone system from Juno Telecoms?

Our small business phone system offers are based on various factors, such as call plan, features and number of users. At Juno Telecoms we have a range of business deals and packages available for you to choose from.

Are VoIP telephone systems cheaper than ordinary landlines?

Normally yes, because it uses existing internet connections rather than separate digital lines.