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Call center phone systems must have the capacity to handle large volumes of calls and make the customer experience satisfying by minimising waiting times. Which call center software solution you opt for very much depends on your business needs.

These are the four most common types of call center software solutions:

On-premise call center software

With on-premise call center software solutions, the call center software, hardware and the associated infrastructure is installed at your business premises and it is maintained by your IT staff or an outside provider.

The great advantage of on-premise call center software solutions is that you maintain control over all integrated systems and data on site. A disadvantage however is that this solution requires high start-up costs with capital expenditure on infrastructure and ongoing maintenance, regular software updates and management costs.

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Hosted call center software

Hosted call center software is a software solution that is hosted off-site and accessed through a network connection. With this software solution, call centers can have their entire call center infrastructure, apart from the operators’ terminals, on a hosted platform offsite.

A great advantage of this software solution is that they are cheaper than on-premise software solutions and are maintained by a service provider, which takes the hassle out of your hands. In terms of cost, there is an up-front investment to set the infrastructure up, and just like with the on-premise call center software solutions, there is ongoing maintenance, regular software updates and management costs to consider.

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Cloud-based software

Cloud based software solutions are hosted online and can be accessed through an app via the internet. With cloud hosting, all the data is stored in the cloud and can be cached, and this cached data can be accessed by users when they are offline.

A great advantage of cloud hosting is that it is cost effective as multiple users share the resources. There is minimal upfront cost required and the software management and maintenance is taken care by the service provider. Cloud based software solutions are also quicker to deploy than on-premise and hosted call center software solutions.

Because cloud basedll software solutions are hosted online, they are not ideal for businesses who require their call center software to remain on-site. Businesses using this software must remember to update their product with each application update, which can be a lengthy process especially in larger teams.

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Browser-based call center software

Browser-based call center software solutions provide the call center software, telephony and all associated call center features in the computer’s browser and can be accessed via the internet. 

A great advantage of this software solution is that teams can access their call center software from anywhere in the world if they have an internet connection, making it an ideal solution for remote offices, remote work and dispersed teams. This software solution is extremely cost effective as they require no upfront cost, the software management and maintenance is taken care by the service provider, and they are the easiest to implement and scale. Because the call center software runs in the browser, users get instant access to all product updates, therefore no downloads, plugins or updates are required.

With this software, the entire call center runs in the browsers, therefore businesses that require their call center infrastructure to remain on-site, or teams who do not have access to reliable internet connection, this may not be the best solution.

Whether your business relies on a call center for high quality customer care, or it is in fact a revenue generating part of your business, choosing the correct technology to support your call center is fundamental to streamline your business and reach its full potential.

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