4 Tips for Small Businesses to Get More out of Your PBX

How to Get More out of your PBX 

Cloud-hosted PBX providers are an easy way for small businesses to access phone systems that were once feasible only for large enterprises. Not all cloud-hosting providers, however, have the necessary bandwidth or infrastructure needed by a smaller business: limited time and resources require these services to be capable of being deployed quickly with little effort on your part.

You’ve had your PBX for years. You know how to use it, you’re comfortable with it, and you don’t want anything to change. But now that you have a small business with more employees and a larger space, is the time right for an upgrade? If so, what should you do? Here are 4 tips on how to get the most out of your cloud-based PBX system:

Prioritise Customer Support 

Cloud-based phone systems shift most of the technical needs to your provider. This makes it easier for users, but you will need more support and rely on them much more than a system hosted in house. Because this is so important, customer service becomes far greater importance when selecting providers. 

A provider should be able to provide you with 24/7 support through the phone, email and instant messaging. This is a good indicator that they care about their customers. If you contact them for customer service after seeing things like this in reviews or testimonials, take note of how well they conduct themselves during your first few conversations together – courtesy, responsiveness and professionalism are all essential parts of providing great customer service!

Make it Secure 

There are many different cloud service providers, and understanding their security measures can be daunting. You should first ask about how much downtime they require when setting up or adjusting your services to ensure that you’re able to work as efficiently as possible while taking the necessary precautions. Asking them about account management will also give insight into billing processes and transparency in records which is important for both small businesses with tight budgets and large enterprise companies who have more complex needs. 

The last thing a company wants is an attack from hackers that shuts down operations indefinitely! Be sure to check if they have disaster response programs in place because these could save time during times of crisis too–not just hours but days before business resumes back on track instead of weeks or months depending upon the incident. 

Is Scalability an Option? 

Doing your research before you invest in a new HPBX plan will help ensure that the equipment and services work for what you need. Consider how many people are on staff, if they have access to mobile devices or desktops, as well as who might be using voice over IP (VOIP) systems like Skype®.

A good HRBP should also integrate with company communication tools such as Slack®, MS Sharepoint™, Google Drive®, Dropbox ®; make sure it is easy to use so less time can get wasted while trying to learn unfamiliar technology.

Find Yourself a Plan that’s ‘Just Right’ 

Bundled services are a common practice among HPBX providers and the profit they make from this is often enough to cover operational costs. When choosing an HPBX provider, it’s important that you focus on what subscription plans your business needs and choose based on those options—neither more nor less than necessary for your company.

There are so many ways that a PBX system can help your small business. If you’re in need of one, contact Juno Telecoms today! Whether it be for new equipment or to troubleshoot an existing setup, we’ll work with you until the job is done and done right. We want to make sure not only do you get the most out of your PBX but also enjoy doing business with us. Come see what all our customers have already found when they chose Juno Telecoms as their provider—a friendly chatty team ready to answer any questions, day or night!

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