IoT and M2M Solutions

Our IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine to Machine) solutions offer innovative ways to connect and manage devices, enhancing efficiency and unlocking new potentials for businesses. Discover how these advanced technologies can transform your operations and drive growth.

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What are IoT and M2M?

This is a question that is asked often, as both get used interchangeably. M2M (Machine To Machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) are both terms that can refer to devices communicating with each other by exchanging data over the internet. M2M, or Machine 2 Machine, refers to the one way or two way exchange of information over wired or wireless connectivity without manual assistance. IoT refers to a a network of physical objects or ‘things’ connected via the internet for the purposes of exchanging data without human intervention. These things or objects usually have embedded sensors, software, actuators and network connectivity including IoT SIMS to enable both collection and the exchange of data.

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Are there business advantages to using IoT SIM cards?

Connected technology and the Internet of Things are everywhere in our everyday lives, impacting the way we live and work. IoT Analytics predict that the number of connected IoT devices will grow from 8.3bn in 2019 to 21.5bn by 2025. IOT solutions and SIM card connectivity is becoming more and more prevalent, with applications in Healthcare, Agriculture, Traffic Control, Security, Logistics and many more industrial situations. Juno’s range of intelligent SIM solutions span a wide spectrum of industry uses, employing local, in-country roaming and global IoT data SIMs. From vehicle telematics, to digital signage, from taxi driver PDA devices, from vending machines to point of sale devices, from temporary WiFi set ups to large scale Leased Line backups Juno has a tailored IoT SIM and Router solution for you. In an IoT environment, changing SIM cards in remote deployed devices can be a costly process. With the ability to change the profile over the air (OTA) without having to change the SIM cards reassures IoT business customers that they can continue running connected services without interruption or costly travel.

What is an eSIM?

GSMA, the association representing mobile network operators globally, established  the eSIM or eUICC (Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card) standards. This specification enables remote over the air (OTA) provisioning and configuration of the eSIM. This new technology means that an M2M SIM can hold multiple profiles or profile rules simultaneously, which enables delivery of data solutions enabled for optimal coverage or least cost, and ensuring that flexibility is retained to change preferences in the future. This offers levels of flexibility that cannot be matched by the standard mobile operated SIMS.

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Connecting the future of things with M2M SIMS

This is where intelligent and adaptive connectivity through IoT SIM cards comes in. Our unsteered Multi-Network M2M SIMs provide the flexible and resilient experience that their predecessors simply didn’t. No need to ever worry about coverage, bandwidth, or outages again.

Our Multi-network SIM cards are perfect for keeping mission critical business applications online irrespective of local coverage, bandwidth capacity, or the risk of outages and downtime. Multi network unsteered eSims as standard, which unlike their steered counterparts, don’t have a preferred network. Our unsteered Multi network SIMs ensure the devices or sensors they power will search for the strongest available network, giving you the best connectivity possible irrelevant of where you are.

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Connect your IoT or M2M SIM solutions anytime, anywhere

With 4G coverage across all of the 4 major UK networks in a single eSIM, and connecting to the strongest available network, and able to switch to a stronger signal should one come available. Access in the EU adds a further 95 networks where the eSIM is always roaming. Additional tariff options make available access to over 450 networks in over 190 countries. Wherever the eSIM is on the world, local regulations permitting, it is constantly roaming to connect to the strongest available networks. Steering options are also available to enable prioritising the lowest cost network option in particular countries, or to pick one network over another.

With UK based interconnects and breakout this ensures the traffic stays in the UK. This decreases latency by offering automatic connection to the closest possible IP network, and removes uncertainty of prioritisation, poor throughput, security, local legislation and potential steering by the foreign network. The solution is suitable for any M2M or IoT application, delivered via removable or embedded eSIMS.

No single network has flawless uninterrupted coverage or service. When it comes to complex or mission-critical IoT and data connectivity solutions, basic SIM cards simply won’t cut it, and this is where IOT or M2M SIM cards can assist.

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Why Choose Our Business Broadband Packages?

Portable WiFi Routers

Able to work with a diverse range of 4G LTE WiFi router products, Juno stocks routers models from Teltonika, Sierra Wireless, ZyXel, Billion & Draytek for its IOT & M2M solutions. Working alongside our eSIM offering we now offer a range of Robustel IoT gateways and 4G LTE routers including the Robustel R1510, R2000 & R2110. All these devices include, with appropriate SMS capability, Smart Reboot and the Robustel R2000 has Smart Roaming capabilities which means connectivity thresholds are constantly met across networks. The Robustel routers also have an automatic APN selection function, which if enabled will recognise the access point name automatically. Alongside routers we have a selection of 3G and 4G antennas both internal and external to assure the best signal strength.

Fixed IP SIM cards

Fixed IP eSIMs give customers a data SIM card with a true fixed IP address, negating the need for static IP addresses or NAT. They are multi-network, covering all 4 mobile networks in the UK and 450 networks globally. Reverse DNS is also now available on the eSIMs.

Flexible M2M Tariffs

Depending on low or high data usage, Static IP or Fixed IP SIMs, global or roaming solutions, we will provide bespoke data connectivity tariff solutions for your IoT & M2M networking solutions. Our EU Zone eSIM tariffs cover all 4 UK networks and 85 EU networks. Data Pools can be aggregated, Fixed or Buffer pools are also available. Get in touch with Juno and we will work with you in identifying the best tariff package for your needs.

M2M SIM cards in Multiple Form Factors

Each eSIM card is available in an industrial spec triple cut M2M SIM form factor, which will include 2FF- Standard or Mini SIM , 3FF Micro SIM, and 4FF Nano SIM. Simply press out the size you require for your sensor or device. eSIMS or eUICC are also available in an embeddable industrial MFF2 format. Juno’s data eSIMS are M2M industrial grade, making them suitable for harsh conditions e.g vibration, temperature and humidity.

Applications that benefit from our M2M SIM card solutions are:

  • Digital Media Advertising
  • Traffic Display Signs
  • Retail EPOS systems
  • Fleet Management Systems
  • Vehicle Telemetry Systems
  • IP CCTV Cameras
  • Vending Machines
  • Leased Line Failover connections
  • Healthcare
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How to manage your IoT SIM deployments from anywhere?

Customers can manage, monitor, and configure their SIMs and IoT connected devices on a centralised management portal. A single screen to securely manage all connected IoT or M2M SIMS across any network and number of deployments. Track usage, activate SIMS, set alerts and ceasing of services all at your fingertips



Will my IoT SIM work anywhere in the world?

The service offered works across all 4 UK networks and over 450 networks in more than 190 countries worldwide. Easy to understand tariff rates are arranged in Zones, or Pay per Zone tariffs are available for greater flexibility.

Yes there is a client portal where you will be able to activate SIMs, monitor usage, set alerts, add boltons and ceases M2M services.

A Fixed IP SIM is a data SIM, in either a triple-cut form factor, or an embeddable MFF2 format with a public fixed or static IP address. They provide a secure and reliable two way connection between devices.

An M2M SIM card which stands for machine to machine SIM refers to a data SIM card which enables communication between two devices without human intervention. They are primarily used for sending data.

IoT LTE devices can be configured to use a Private APN, which enables employees to access a corporate network securely over a Private IP address range.