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Our Unified Communications (UC) services merge voice, video, instant messaging, and data sharing to facilitate a more connected and efficient digital workforce. Whether it’s through SMS, video conferencing, VoIP, or screen sharing, our UC solutions are designed to support a globally dispersed workforce, ensuring connectivity regardless of geographical barriers.

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What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications is a term that provides an apt description of how different communication systems can connect for a digital workforce and provide incredible collaboration tools. Indeed, UC&C or Unified Communications and Collaboration is now a common term used in the industry. It does deliver a seamless solution for a workforce that is becoming more globally dispersed. As well as this, it ensures that regardless of where your employee is, they will be able to access the same shared systems.

Some of the systems available through unified communications include SMS, Video, voicemail, VoIP, web conferencing and screen sharing. All these options will be integrated and accessible, regardless of the system or technology that individual employees are using. UC or UCaas combines voice and video, instant messaging and rich presence as the next generation of office communications systems.

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Unified communications continue to grow…

Cohesive unified communications are expected to become a significant part of the global economy over the next few years. Indeed, by 2024, it is predicted that the industry will have increased by 16.8% CAGR. This will mean the sector will equate to a value of $143.49Bn over the next six years.

Part of the reason for this surge in growth is due to businesses expanding over disparate geographies. It is vital that employees are able to communicate regardless of language or time zones. These systems do provide an effective solution for this issue. Furthermore, cloud-based solutions are making communication more affordable than ever, with 90% of IT executives expected to embrace cloud UC by 2021.

New disruptive technologies such as webRTC are leading the charge in delivering exciting new features that significantly improve customer experiences and interactions. With WebRTC, you can make calls through any web browser, smartphone, computer, tablet, enhancing not only the employee experience but also the end customer

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Why choose unified communications?

There are a plethora of reasons why unified communications could be the right choice for your business. These benefits are apparent and available, regardless of the size of your enterprise.

A key consideration you should keep in mind is how user-friendly a system like this is. With unified communications, all the systems are linked together – regardless of whether you opt for a set up that is onsite or on the cloud. This ensures that the systems are easy to manage and fully scalable to meet individual business requirements. Furthermore, employees can gain benefits, accessing the systems they require consistently. There is no reason any more to sign in on multiple platforms with a system like this in place.

A UCaaS Platform will also prove to be cost-effective for your business. All the tools for synchronous communication are provided in one package, typically through a monthly fee. This ensures that businesses will not need to be concerned with multiple payments for individual communication products. Once again, proving to be completely scalable, your business will only pay for the products required. Cost savings can be made on everything from international calls to mobile communication and video conferencing. Due to a high standard of asynchronous communications, you can also reduce travel expenses in your business model as it becomes less necessary.

Furthermore, with all the communication software and systems on one platform, you can ensure that response times are significantly reduced as well. You can make sure that your business achieves a higher level of productivity which leads to more cohesive decision making and an accelerated sales cycle. The right information is delivered to key individuals in your business model without delay.

As the economy continues to evolve, there is a more apparent need for mobility. Businesses need to maintain flexibility to ensure they achieve optimum levels of efficiency. This guarantees that they do remain competitive on the market as well. With synchronous communication, the software will be accessible on a variety of mobile devices. This is going to provide significant benefits to individual employees operating remotely as well as the business model as a whole.

Advanced features ensure Enhanced Management and Performance

Universal communication systems provide a tremendous level of technology and advanced systems. Some of the available features including Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management Software. Telephony features include call forwarding, multiple device rings, and short number dialing. There are also a variety of apps and tools already accessible on the market for businesses using these systems, and we would be delighted to advise you on these options.

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Improving Customer Support Operations

A further crucial advantage of unified communications is that it can help ensure that you can enhance your connections with customers. Today, customers can contact your business through a variety of different resources including email, phone, and your website. With UC, it is possible to achieve brand continuity and offer a higher standard of service. This is due to the fact that the customer interaction history is immediately accessible through the systems provided. It can guarantee a greater customer experience, which can help build brand loyalty.

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Is unified communications the right solution for your business?

Unified communications could be an ideal solution for any business. However, it is particularly suitable for small and medium enterprises. These companies can gain great advantages by being able to ensure that they select a service tailored completely for their needs. At the same time, it can be scalable to match requirements as the business continues to grow and evolve.

With an increased level of productivity, a higher standard of customer care and fantastic reductions in business costs, unified communications solutions could certainly be the ideal choice to meet your needs.

Communication and Collaboration

Regardless of the size of an enterprise, effective communication to ensure that the business continues to thrive, it is imperative to have a robust communication strategy in place. Ideally, businesses will build an external and internal communication strategy. Unified communications can be a vital part of both strategies. Communication is based on sharing knowledge while collaboration is important to ensure that business teams can operate together to reach business goals.

In practice, unified communications can ensure that employees can communicate through systems like a VoIP channel, a mobile device, or even a browser. At the same time, during the conversation, they are able to effectively share information visually through shared screens and even project editing. This provides collaboration and it is just one example of how unified communications can strengthen a working business model.

To learn more about this possibility, contact our friendly team today. We will provide an expert consultation and ensure that you find the ideal solution for your business model.

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What is the key benefit of Unified Communications?

In summary, the key benefit of UC is to improve productivity as disparate users can share, view and access information from a centralised location, collaborate on documents and information in real-time and hold audio and video conferences, or deliver instant messaging, with multiple team members at various locations at the same time.