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Juno Telecoms brings a seamless integration of Microsoft Teams to your traditional phone network with our Direct Routing services. This solution connects Microsoft Teams to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), enhancing productivity and driving cost efficiencies in your business.

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Direct Routing is a means to connect Microsoft Teams to the PSTN or to the traditional phone network. If you have a business team to manage, implementing direct routing may increase productivity and drive cost efficiencies for your business.

Microsoft Teams is a one-stop set of collaboration tools for businesses, as part of the Office 365 suite. You will be able to invite everyone in the business to this service and keep in touch via video, instant messaging, secure chat, file transfers, and more. For any size business, the tool is incredibly useful and offers some excellent integrated tools for those looking for collaboration tools to assist with remote working, flexible working, and working across multiple sites.

During even the most uncertain times, staying connected to workers all over the world is crucial and direct routing allows Microsoft Teams to connect to your PSTN effortlessly, ensuring you don’t miss important business calls or meeting opportunities.

Microsoft Teams is a very popular product globally and it has over 44 million global users every single day. When using the Talk Teams service, direct routing allows you to stay with your current telephone provider when using the service, reducing time and effort. By using SIP Trunks to route calls across the internet, not only are there significant cost savings but equally high levels of redundancy.

Microsoft Teams believes in the importance of communication in the workplace and aims to make this process much easier for team members whether in the office or working remotely at home. For file transfer, easy app integration and video calls it is an essential business tool.

Direct routing your Microsoft Teams is a huge step in the right direction for effective communication in the workplace. It is important to stay in touch with other business team members at all times, and by using Talk Teams direct routing from Juno Telecoms for your system you’ll be able to benefit from a whole range of features. From call recording, fraud management, inbound call management and more; there are a wide range of amazing features that you can benefit from.

There are a few different ways that you can benefit from direct routing of your Microsoft Teams platform, and in turn make a positive difference to your business as a whole.

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The first service available to you is the Microsoft Calling Plan

The Microsoft Calling Plan is a cloud-based phone system that does not have features such as call recording, fraud management, and NGN termination. It is a system that allows you to record important phone calls and meetings for later reference and you will also be able to control the security and safety of your business using the fraud management service.

This calling plan is expensive, it is not available everywhere, and there are limited numbering options, so you need to do your research before choosing this as the option for your business.

Engage with your telephone provider

If the Microsoft Calling Plan is either too expensive for you or doesn’t have some of the important features there is another way to deploy Microsoft Teams to get the most out of its features.

Engaging your telephone provider to provide direct routing for Microsoft Teams is a better way to ensure you have the full feature capability to connect to the outside world. Telephone providers such as Juno Telecoms are able to provide direct routing and this seamlessly integrates Teams to the PSTN.

This method works by combining SBC’s (Session Border Controllers) and SIP Trunks. This enables customers to take advantage of more flexibility, instead of adhering to Microsoft’s own pre set Calling Plans. This then provides an extensive suite of intelligent, advanced call routing, call recording and call management features usually only seen on a PBX.

To place calls users can then use their mobile devices, headsets with laptops and PCs, as well as Microsoft certified IP Phones, resulting in a true Unified Communications & Collaboration solution!

Talk Teams direct routing from Juno for your Microsoft Teams environment is definitely more cost effective than Microsoft Calling Plans, but it also provides you with a much more feature rich and resilient Unified Communications solution.

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Why not get the best of both worlds??

Combine Talk Teams, from Juno Telecoms, with Microsoft Office 365 with the Teams application to gain the true benefits of a business-grade telephony solution & a leading set of collaboration tools, such as video conferencing, screen sharing for meetings, instant messaging, and file transfer

The business-grade telephony feature set adds features not included in Calling Plan, such as:

  • Call recording
  • Interactive voice response menu
  • Call parking
  • Time of day routing
  • Call queueing
  • Hunt or Ring groups
  • Numbers available for 167 countries, as well as every UK area code

This Talk Teams offering is one that integrates seamlessly to work alongside Microsoft Teams. In fact, it is Microsoft’s approved solution. It is a must-have combination for any business that requires employees to work on projects across offices, to work remotely, or inflexible worker scenarios, and communicate with customers and colleagues.

All of this supported by number porting across all UK major networks, and also the provision of international SIP Trunk numbers.

By taking advantage of this service instead of a Microsoft Calling Plan you will gain flexibility and a more cost-effective service that actually allows you to do more for your business. It allows use of any Voice Carrier for inbound and outbound voice services saving a lot of money for the business.

Lower call rates, greater flexibility eg termination to NGN numbers, and helpful local support are offered with the plans. Automated provisioning and being scalable from a few users up to tens of thousands are key benefits of the Talk Teams solution.

Once you have these tools within your business, direct routing will make a world of difference to you and to everyone within the company, allowing for easy project management and efficient working.

Choose our simple direct routing Talk Teams system today. For a feature-rich solution for users making Teams their fully integrated phone system with flexible PSTN calling, talk with Juno Telecoms to understand the features and benefits first.