How can I link my office desk phone with my mobile phone?

Many people have asked us to explain Desktop & Mobile Linking or Pairing, which leads us to this post.

In the current climate, many business owners are exploring as part of their business continuity plans the ability to allow office extensions and company phone numbers to be accessible on employee’s mobiles.

You can link your business phone number to your mobile device through the Juno Telecoms Cloud mobile app. Using the mobile app, you and your employees can make and receive business calls from home, from a hotel room, or anywhere you have a mobile signal, while you remain integrated with the full business office phone system.

These bullet points describe this pairing from Juno Telecoms.

    1. The Office phone system needs to utilize Hosted Cloud Telephony. If you are not using Cloud Telephony, handsets can be deployed within days.
    2. The mobile phone needs to be an Apple iOS or an Android Smartphone device.
    3. The business mobile phone will need an App loaded.
    4. We will configure your desk phone to support pairing.
    5. We will give you the configuration and security necessary for the App on your mobile.
    6. Your Desk Extension will now work on your mobile using the App.


    • Inbound Calls ring when the desk phone rings
    • Outbound Calls present the Business Phone number, as if sitting at the desk
    • Calls use a 3g/4g/5g connection, or even WiFi Calling,
    • Calls can be transferred just like being in the office
    • Dial extension numbers for colleagues just as if in office
    • You can make conference calls with multiple people in your office
    • You have access to your missed calls on the mobile app
    • Oh, and the DND (do not disturb) feature is available on the Mobile app!
    • Calls are charged as part of the office phone system bundle, normally UK Local & National calls, along with to UK mobiles inclusive


As Mobile apps connect to the cloud phone system over the Internet, they are simply remote or offsite devices of that office phone system. Employees who are on the road, home working or remote working can use them to answer work calls on their smartphones while keeping their personal mobile numbers private. And since the call occurs over the Internet over a data connection, employees won’t be using up their mobile phone plan’s calling minutes.

With a Business VoIP mobile app, you can enable a productive BYOD (bring your own device) policy and allow employees to keep their business and personal accounts separate without having to switch mobile devices.

In this flexible & mobile work environment, with executives and employees on the go, it’s critical that employers provide their employees with technology that helps them remain productive while away from their desks. A VoIP mobile app is an essential communications tool that can help set your employees up for success.

Pick up the phone and talk with Juno to see how rapidly we can have your workers remotely attached to the office phone system.

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