Leased Lines and your Business

What are Leased Lines?

Leased line is a dedicated and fixed bandwidth data connection, it provides businesses with a reliable and quality internet connection. This will guarantee both a fast upload and download speed, ‘leased’ comes from the internet connection which will be rented by the ISP (Internet Service Provider) directly to the business. This service will provide so much more than what a standard broadband provider will offer.

Some important parts of leased lines include:

  • Symmetrical – leased lines should be symmetrical, this means that they will have the same upload and download speed.
  • Uncontested – this means that they are not shared with other users.
  • Point to point – they connect two points together, from example the Internet Service Provider with the business location.


What can Leased Lines be used for?

A leased line can carry a range of data and traffic, this includes internet traffic and webpages as well as emails, video streaming, VPNs, phone calls and VoIP. Leased lines can be used for

  • Linking corporate offices to the internet and allowing employees to collaborate online.
  • Connecting local area networks or connecting a number of offices together.
  • Linking PCs and servers in different locations.
  • Carrying phone calls and using Cloud Telephony.
  • Sharing IT resources and carrying data between sites.
  • Providing remote connections to head offices.


The Advantages of Leased Lines

Leased lines come with a range of advantages, this includes that they are high symmetric speeds and will provide better connections as well as quicker uploads and downloads. Leased lines are also known for being highly reliable and flexible.

  • Should your company work in a number of locations with remote staff, a dedicated leased line will ensure productivity for colleagues, especially those who share and send a lot of data.
  • Leased lines mean that data transfer is uncontested so it will run smoothly all of the time, there’ll be no need to worry about a ‘slow down’ at peak times. The connection won’t be affected by others using the network.
  • Leased lines tend to be much more reliable than traditional ADSL connections, unlike ADSL connections (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) that are internet connections that use phone line copper wires, leased lines use fibre optic cables and won’t endure the same electrical interferences, they also include sturdy router hardware so are durable.
  • Leased lines mean that you will always have a support team on hand should you require any help, they come with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Service Level Guarantees (SLGs), these help to ensure a quick fix should a connectivity issue occur.
  • Leased lines are a great investment for growing businesses, with a range of products available on the market, leased lines provide a flexible solution for business expansion. Leased lines can also be tailored to match different needs and requirements over time.
  • While dedicated leased lines are more expensive to have installed, the prices can be tailored to suit different business requirements as well as budgets. Leased line contracts tend to roll for 3 years and will include the installation and equipment costs.


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