What is WebRTC and how can it benefit your business?

If there are things that can be made simpler and more efficient, such as scheduling and attending meetings, sharing files, video calling, screen sharing or collecting data for example, then it can save time for the employees, customers, partners or suppliers and make the business even more efficient and productive. WebRTC is a platform that can make a world of difference to overall business efficiency and productivity. But, what is WebRTC, and how does it work? 

Simply put, WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communication. It is a technology that is all about simplifying and enhancing business communications, and it is a standard for embedding interactive communications capabilities. It is a free, open-source service that provides web browsers and mobile applications with real-time communication (RTC) via (APIs). 

So for voice, video, and chat, which are likely to be things that are used day-in and day-out in a business, they can be used directly from a web browser to allow direct peer-to-peer communication. Before WebRTC, one had to rely on plug-ins and browser extensions that had to be customised for individual businesses in order to enable browser-based communications. Therefore, WebRTC enables a much better user experience and simplifies client administration because you don’t need to add any browser-specific plug-ins. In short, WebRTC is a technology that possesses the fundamental building blocks for high-quality unified communications on the web, such as the network, audio and video components used in voice and video chat applications.

WebRTC is a technology that leverages a set of application programming interfaces that can be used in both desktop and mobile browsers, plugin-free, and is now supported by the major browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. In the past, there has been the need to have some external plugins in order to achieve something on the same level and functionality that comes with WebRTC solutions. WebRTC technologies leverage several standards and protocols. These standards and protocols can include data streams, servers, signalling, network sockets, and so on. 

WebRTC has several key technical and practical benefits. Its open-source code allows anyone to use it for free. It works directly in the web browser, avoiding the requirement to download software and thus the possibility of confusing end users along the way. Media streams are secure and encrypted, making it the perfect option for video conferencing, healthcare applications, and education and company training. And it’s supported by all the key major browsers.

Made up as a collection of real-time communication protocols including audio, video, chat, file share and messaging it was Initially developed for web browsers, but now it can be used in non-browser platforms such as IoT and mobile phone devices. WebRTC has revolutionized communications and builds better environments for customers, suppliers, partners, employee and business collaborations.


Business benefits of WebRTC


1. Click to call functionality


Web RTC can be easily integrated into business websites. Once there, it takes it a simple mouse click for consumers to call directly. There is no need for them to research a phone number or even type it out on their phone keypad. Web RTC allows them to call your sales, support or customer service staff members with one simple click. The bottom-line result is that staff can engage with more customers, much faster and get more done. While click-to-call buttons have been available in the past they tended to use proprietary software, and often required the installation of plugins, greatly reducing their effectiveness. 



2. Ease of customers calling in 


WebRTC can be embedded in a company’s website, mobile apps or on marketing banners published around the Internet as advertisement placements. This action, in turn, enables additional call in channels for users or consumers to communicate with the company. 



3. Provides contextual communication


If you do not have contextual communication happening in your business, then staff can waste time recording the same information from customers when they make contact. This is very true if a customer has to be transferred between employees or departments. WebRTC solutions can help due to the nature of the browser-based set-up allowing sharing of contextual data e.g. customer-specific information to the members of staff dealing with a customer query. WebRTC enables the called party to know more about the end customer. When a customer browses a website looking for something specific, all that information can be passed along with the incoming call to the agents, effectively reducing the time it takes to collect it again during the call.



4. Improved collaboration


A significant benefit of WebRTC solutions is making collaboration simpler. With no additional software needed, only the browser, your staff can attend key meetings online with no hassle. This will not only help them work more efficiently but also saves money in not having to buy updated software that other packages may require. With no time wasted configuring the PC or communication device to collaborate online, staff can operate more effectively. 



5. Web conferencing


In a web conference setting today, a business joins a meeting with an external party e.g. a partner, supplier or a potential customer. 

That usually means using a third-party system to conference, which may not be installed and currently used by the external party. If the system software is not installed, he or she needs to go through the time-consuming activity of downloading and installing the plugin or an application before they can join a meeting. 

WebRTC enables inviting external parties to a conference over the Internet without the need to install any plugin or application, with or without authenticating the person’s identity. Hence reducing resistance and increasing the likelihood of an on-time, successful and productive meeting! 



6. Information transfer


Due to its increased security WebRTC can also be used for other types of information transfer. Two useful applications of WebRTC are:

Screen Sharing: A user can share their screen, while protecting the user’s privacy from uninvited viewing by other unauthorised users.

Secure Data Transfers: ideal for companies to instantly send data transfers of confidential or personal highly sensitive information. Documentation can be shared with confidence in the high level of security available with Web RTC.  An example might be an individual using a live video appointment in a healthcare application to meet with his/her GP from a device at home.


6. Web RTC telecoms offers great improvements for business

As you can see, Web RTC technology is superb for helping your business to operate more effectively and also help your staff produce more. As the world of business becomes more digital with every year, this innovative business telecom collaboration solution will only grow in popularity. All of these factors contribute to an improved customer experience, and to higher productivity from the contact centre agent. Online chat facilities are also available with WebRTC, providing an effective and customisable chat capability.


What about Security?

WebRTC explicitly requires permission being granted from the user to allow the use of their own microphone and cameras. WebRTC enforces always-on end-to-end encryption and as it uses the Secure RTP (SRTP) protocol for encryption and authentication, both voice and video security is ensured. As it requires no software plugins, then avoiding, for example, Flash downloading is a quantifiable security benefit.

A direct consequence of WebRTC is that it can give organisations the opportunity to have their employees work from a single communications device e.g.  BYOD or tablets opening up new ways of thinking about how much one can accomplish from a web browser. Supported by the security benefits of TLS (Transport Layer Security), WebRTC will negate the doubters who argue against BYOD from a security standpoint. Through the use of web encrypted tunnels, WebRTC offers a more secure environment than the current PSTN network. WebRTC technology converts every device with a web browser, into a sophisticated communications device. 


Why Choose WebRTC?

With WebRTC working for you, businesses can offer some browser-based audio and video communications services for all of their online meetings, conferences, and Webinars. As a result, they can improve collaboration and customer interactions, without having to deal with travel and added travel expenses, that are no longer necessary. 

Boosting customer experience with website live chat and talk. WebRTC adds a brand-new dimension with click-to-call capabilities. Businesses are always looking for more effective ways to communicate with their customers. These enhanced features enable customers to call a business directly from their browsers, free of charge, 

Imagine a customer browsing your website, attempting to identify a specific product and having difficulties doing so. With WebRTC they can call the sales department with one mouse click and be shown where the product they are searching for is.  They won’t get frustrated and browse to a competitor’s website after not being able to find what they want. 

Website visitors can make a free voice or video call directly to a business through the internet browser. When a visitor clicks on the embedded call button in a website, a VoIP call will be made and can be immediately answered by the right person within the business. This means that customers can bypass lengthy IVR voice menus and reach an actual person from the outset. As a result, customer satisfaction will increase along with sales and productivity.

By using multiple call button links, customers can be directed to the most appropriate team member for their enquiry. However, call buttons must be intuitive and well-placed on the website to encourage, use, and also businesses must ensure resources are in place to handle the call appropriately.


In a nutshell…

WebRTC is an open technology enabling endless possibilities and opportunities. The potential opportunities for business are huge. Not only will it provide the ability to instantly engage with customers directly in new ways, through the web browser, but it also has the ability to slash travel and communications costs.

WebRTC office phone systems enable companies to bridge the gap between their voice calls and their website. Who wants to leave a browsing session to navigate an auto-attendant system or wait in lengthy call queues, only to have to repeat all the information you have already entered online?

Companies can now offer interactions from within the context of their web presence. Experts can join customers during their browsing session, with no need to leave. WebRTC offers advantages above and beyond video and audio. Companies can now offer collaboration tools such as chat & cobrowsing and even file sharing to their customers. 

This is all achieved in one seamless browser session requiring no downloads or plugins. From an end customer’s perspective, they are now one click away from being able to talk to companies using video and voice, in a truly collaborative manner.


How Juno Telecoms can help?

Do you think that this could be something that could be beneficial for your company? Before you implement WebRTC technologies into your business, it really is vital to make sure that you link up with a provider who you are able to rely on. After all, there is not a lot of point in using some of the latest and the most modern technology, if there is something that is going to be holding you back.

We will help you:

Identify your short term and long-term business needs to ensure that you choose an office communications solution which supports all the WebRTC-enabled functionality your business requires.

Select a solution which is easily integrated with your existing IT infrastructure and CRM applications

Select a business phone system solution combining WebRTC-enabled web video and audio conferencing, click-to-call and IP telephony. 

You need to have your business running smoothly and efficiently. We at Juno Telecoms know how important your business is to you, and we know how important connectivity and peer-to peer communication is, in this busy and modern way of working.

We provide a great level of service that your business will require in order to keep running, growing, and thriving and we are confident that with our expertise and experience in this field, we can make a positive difference to your business communications. 

We are proud to say that we have unrivalled expertise in these technologies and our friendly team is on hand to explain things clearly and concisely. We don’t want anyone left feeling confused. We will leave your team feeling empowered, and ready to use WebRTC and VoIP to make their work simpler and easier each day. 

With our support, the transition to using WebRTC can be smooth and simple and leave your business without any disruption. Let us worry about incorporating and finding some of the best communication tools for your business, so that you can focus on other key business matters.

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