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Juno Telecoms delivers state-of-the-art Call Centre and Contact Centre Software solutions, essential for businesses managing high volumes of calls. Understanding how to effectively route and manage these calls while maintaining exceptional customer service is crucial in today’s competitive market.

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Juno can help ensure your call handling operation is set-up and simply administered to enhance your customer experience and provide intelligent information about expected wait times or queue positions, ensuring calls are answered more efficiently, to help improve customer satisfaction. Juno will also help keep you ahead of legislation to understand the differences between predictive and preview/progressive diallers, as well as offering TPS checking solutions.

We can deliver solutions which help you manage customer complaints through call recording, so your business can benefit from a full, auditable record of all your interactions, with evidence to prevent possible litigation.

We can provide a single interface for call control and application administration across a large-scale network, using web-based management to ensure our solution and the technology it utilises is mapped to your exact business requirements.

We can also help you provide fast and flexible communications via audio and video conferencing, e-mail or simple voice and text messaging, to ensure the right information is efficiently passed between colleagues wherever they are located.

And Juno’s hot-desking solutions can allow staff to nominate any desktop to be their own, at a disaster recovery facility, an alternative office or even at home, with the option to extend this capability to any directory number.

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Call Centre Software Providers

Being able to communicate quickly and easily with your customers and your people, from wherever you are in the world, is key to running a successful business. Juno can help you supercharge your communications with a full range of call centre software solutions.

Our team has been offering call centre software solutions for a number of years. As one of the UK’s best call centre providers we can offer an affordable and reliable call centre software solutions to our business customers throughout the UK.

When it comes to needing call centre solutions in the UK, be sure to make Juno Telecoms your first port of call. We offer a range of software solutions and one of our team will help you to choose the best and most affordable system for your business.

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Call Centre Equipment and Software

On-Premise Call Centre Software

With on-premise call centre software solutions, the call centre software, hardware and the associated infrastructure is installed at your business premises and it is maintained by your IT staff or an outside provider. The great advantage of on-premise call centre software solutions is that you maintain control over all integrated systems and data on site. A disadvantage however is that this solution requires high start-up costs with capital expenditure on infrastructure and ongoing maintenance, regular software updates and management costs.

Hosted Call Centre Software

Hosted call centre software is a software solution that is hosted off-site and accessed through a network connection. With this software solution, call Centres can have their entire call Centre infrastructure, apart from the operators’ terminals, on a hosted platform offsite. A great advantage of this software solution is that they are cheaper than on-premise software solutions and are maintained by a service provider, which takes the hassle out of your hands. In terms of cost, there is an up-front investment to set the infrastructure up, and just like with the on-premise call Centre software solutions, there is ongoing maintenance, regular software updates and management costs to consider.

Cloud-Based Software

Cloud based software solutions are hosted online and can be accessed through an app via the internet. With cloud hosting, all the data is stored in the cloud and can be cached, and this cached data can be accessed by users when they are offline. A great advantage of cloud hosting is that it is cost effective as multiple users share the resources. There is minimal upfront cost required and the software management and maintenance is taken care by the service provider. Cloud based software solutions are also quicker to deploy than on-premise and hosted call Centre software solutions. Because cloud based software solutions are hosted online, they are not ideal for businesses who require their call Centre software to remain on-site. Businesses using this software must remember to update their product with each application update, which can be a lengthy process especially in larger teams.

Browser-Based Call Centre Software

Browser-based call centre software solutions provide the call centre software, telephony and all associated call centre features in the computer’s browser and can be accessed via the internet. A great advantage of this software solution is that teams can access their call centre software from anywhere in the world if they have an internet connection, making it an ideal solution for remote offices, remote work and dispersed teams. This software solution is extremely cost effective as they require no upfront cost, the software management and maintenance is taken care by the service provider, and they are the easiest to implement and scale. Because the call centre software runs in the browser, users get instant access to all product updates, therefore no downloads, plugins or updates are required. With this software, the entire call centre runs in the browsers, therefore businesses that require their call centre infrastructure to remain on-site, or teams who do not have access to reliable internet connection, this may not be the best solution. Whether your business relies on a call centre for high quality customer care, or it is in fact a revenue generating part of your business, choosing the correct technology to support your call centre is fundamental to streamline your business and reach its full potential.

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Benefits of Call Centre Software

If your business has a high volume call centre, investing in a software solution can dramatically benefit your call centre processes by improving customer service, boosting efficiency and providing enhanced reporting features for management.

  • Greater Efficiency and Productivity – Using a call centre software system, your customer service agents can quickly create incoming cases, track them with ease and escalate them when necessary. Modern routing tools allow calls to be automatically routed to the appropriate agent while updates are made in real-time, giving agents the ability to respond and exchange information quickly and efficiently.
  • Consumer Support – In comparison to the traditional call centre solutions, virtual call centre software accompany features that can smoothly advance the profitability and productivity of the agents.
  • Easy to Use – At Juno Telecoms all of our call centre software equipment is designed to work with ease. The working feature of every essential for an outbound or Inbound Call Center is illustrated for better understanding and a hassle-free experience.
  • Enhanced Customer Service – The key to outlining the best call centre software is to deal with client questions in a successful, yet effective way. Your call centre may be the only personal interaction your customers get with your company so their satisfaction is critical. When customers call in, they expect you to have their information at hand, ready to provide the answers they need in an efficient process.
  • Enhanced Reporting Metrics – Call centre software gives managers the information they need to make strategic decisions. The ability to analyse call volume, case categories, case times, up-sell rates and revenue per call are just a few of the reports available to assist the management team.

The typical call centre faces a variety of daily challenges and it’s usually left to the individual call centre agents to put customers at ease and resolve any issues with a smile. In order to run a successful business, agents need to feel empowered with the right tools in order to perform well. Investing in a software solution for your call centre is an absolute must in order to ensure that you are creating the best possible experience for your customers.

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Why Choose Juno Telecoms as a Call Centre Solution Provider?

Honest advice

We want to see your business succeed and therefore we will always give our honest advice. Connectivity is a world full of acronyms causing confusion. We at Juno strive for simplicity and transparency and we explain everything in layman terms.

Tailored options

Our solutions range from commercial offices to data centres, serviced offices, retail outlets and everything in between. Our expert team will work with you to determine your individual data or network requirements, building structures, future network scaling and expansion needs and the required functionality of your structured cabling installation.

Feature Rich Telecom Service

uno’s solutions provide robust, business-strength communications to your users, whether they are working in or away from the office. They comprise the standard telephony features expected from a traditional phone system, as well as a complementary range of Unified Communications (UC) features that can help your staff to be more productive and drive customer engagement. Add to that web-based administration and user portals, feature-rich handsets, softphones, mobile applications and CRM integration, and the benefits become even more appealing.

Value for Money

An investment in your business telecoms is an investment in your client relations. At Juno we are constantly working to offer the best value to our clients as possible which goes beyond the price you pay. We are committed to our own customer service and after-sales support, offering a UK based helpdesk to aid you with any part of your telecoms solution right from day one.

For the Best Call Centre Software, Contact Juno Telecoms Today

When it comes to needing call centre software in the UK, be sure to get in touch with Juno Telecoms. We offer a range of call centre software and packages. Our expert team will help you to choose the best call centre software for your business. Having provided call centre software solutions for a number of years, we have developed a well-known reputation for the service that we provide. At Juno Telecoms, we pride ourselves on offering reliable and stable call centre solutions.