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Juno offers seamless communication solutions for staff, customers, and suppliers, partnering with industry-leading providers. Our services include advanced communication tools for conferencing, collaboration, mobility, and business continuity, aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction in the highly dynamic real estate sector.

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Juno Telecoms

We can deliver solutions which help you manage customer complaints through call recording, so your business can benefit from a full, auditable record of all your interactions, with evidence to prevent possible litigation.

We can provide a single interface for call control and application administration across a large-scale network, using web-based management to ensure our solution and the technology it utilises is mapped to your exact business requirements.

We can also help you provide fast and flexible communications via audio and video conferencing, e-mail or simple voice and text messaging, to ensure the right information is efficiently passed between colleagues wherever they are located.

And Juno’s hot-desking solutions can allow staff to nominate any desktop to be their own, at a disaster recovery facility, an alternative office or even at home, with the option to extend this capability to any directory number.