Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SOGEA)

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SOGEA, the next generation broadband connection.

Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) services will be switched off by Openreach by December 2025, in one of the biggest shakeups in the telecommunications industry this century.  Stop Sell on these services across most of the UK is scheduled for 2023, with a Stop Sell for early adopter exchanges in place as early as June 2021. The exchange areas that are put on stop sell will follow an early path to product withdrawal. This is due to Openreach no longer being able to support the legacy PSTN network which delivers analogue services, as it strives to deliver on Full Fibre broadband and IP based networks. This means that all Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) based broadband services will no longer be supported.

The future of broadband is SOGEA

The future is data only, with single order broadband services such as Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SOGEA) at the core of this new direction. This will replaces traditional broadband based on a PSTN or an analogue line service and means you do not have to install a traditional copper phone line to support the broadband service. Hence the Single Order Ethernet solution. Ideal for those that want a broadband service without an associated analogue telephone line. If businesses want to make and receive phone calls, they will need to overlay a SIP Based phone system, or VoIP cloud based voice service, utilising the SOGEA broadband for internet access.

What is SOGEA?

SOGEA refers to fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) broadband services and SOGFast is the variant. It is based on the current Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) technology, and SOGEA uses a combination of copper and fibre technology, without the need for a traditional analogue telephony connection. Fibre technology is used from the local Exchange

There will be a voice‑only option. Customers, requiring Voice only services, in areas with no Fibre alternatives eg FTTC, FTTP, or will be offered a special Single Order Transitional Access Product (SOTAP).

Why switch to SOGEA ?

SoGEA was so consumers and businesses can buy a broadband connection without the need for a phone line. Broadband service will be much easier to order via single order rather than multiple orders as with traditional broadband. Customers can deploy a voice service on a SoGEA line although it will have to be an IP-based solution like VoIP or SIP.

Benefits of Single Order GEA

Entry level ethernet services that are  cheaper, easier and quicker to install

SOGEA is the same high quality FTTC broadband service we are all used to, but with a simpler installation and management it requires less effort to get up and running

Generally FTTC and Single Order GEA will deliver the same performance, but SOGEA offers:

  • Single Order request
  • Single Provider, many businesses use one provider for their phone line and another for broadband, SOGEA negates more than one call.
  • Faster install times
  • Cheaper installation costs
  • Quicker support times
  • Better troubleshooting methods
  • More reliable as there is less chance of interference.

Are there any drawbacks to SOGEA?

The main difference to thee services are that SOGEA and SOGFast users will no longer have access to a phone number, as they did with an analogue line. SoGEA does not allow users to connect traditional phone to the Openreach socket. Users will have to adopt VoIP or VoIP softphones to be able make and receive phone calls. Juno Telecoms provides solutions to ensure your numbers are not lost, with SoGEA Voice, or Phoneline+ solutions. Both are feature rich products which deliver on many functions and features beyond those of traditional analogue lines. Simple, easy to use, phone replacement services using VoIP technology to deliver voice calls over the fibre broadband network of the future.

Business customers must also consider that any services that currently run over the phone line such as alarms and payment terminals will no longer function after the WLR ISDN switch off and so will need to be upgraded to IP solutions or 4G/5G services.

Is Single Order GEA performance the same as FTTC?

No, generally you will experience better performance over what you currently do as no call, fax or alarm traffic can interfere with the integrity of the service as is now a single ethernet line.

What SOGEA or SOGFAST speeds can be expected?

SOGEA and SOGFAST will be offered in at different speeds to suit a customers needs:

  • SOGEA 40MB / 10MB
  • SOGEA 80MB / 20MB
  • SOGFAST 160MB / 30MB
  • SOGFAST 330MB / 50M

Can I get SOGEA business broadband?

Openreach has recently added another list of 51 Exchanges in which they are prioritising the withdrawal of Analogue & ISDN services. As of November 2020, this new announcement brings the total to 169 Exchanges, due to Stop Sell between June and October 2021.

Access to SOGEA technology is becoming more widely available across the UK. You can check your SOGEA availability and speeds by contacting Juno Telecoms. 

Please talk to Juno Telecoms about the impact, and the options available to you. Please feel free to contact us for advise on how you might mitigate the risks to your business from this WLR & ISDN switch off. We will consider the connectivity options that SOGEA or SOGFAST give you, and also look at the impact on current phones system, but also including Alarm Lines, Lift Lines, Entry phones and any other devices that might be using analogue lines.

Frequently Asked Questions About Single Order GEA broadband (SOGEA)

Can I get SOGEA broadband?

SOGEA is currently being deployed around the UK by multiple fibre network operators, and while it’s not available to every business, the majority of premises do already have fibre broadband. Contact Juno with the Post Code details at the premises you want broadband services deployed.

When will I get SOGEA or SOGFAST?

SOGEA is still being rolled out across the UK with over 150 Exchanges providing services by summer of 2021. Contact Juno to find out where your exchange is in the rollout plan.

How long does SOGEA take to install?

Check with your internet provider to check, but SOGEA can usually be installed within 5 working days.

How much does Juno Telecoms charge for SOGEA & SOGFAST?

Our Single Order GEA product prices vary. It depends on the type of usage that you need, and the throughput available at your building. At Juno Telecoms we have a range of business deals and packages available for you to choose from.

How do I make phone calls after the ISDN switch off?

Phone users will have to switch to voice services such as VoIP to make calls. SOGEA will be the ideal broadband solution to carry VoIP or SIP phone system services Contact Juno and they will advise if the or specific address can support SOGEA and what voice options you might have.

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