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Call centre phone systems are so much more than just the physical phone units. They are made up of several hardware, software and processes. They require special features that route incoming calls to the right person and integrate with other systems that provide essential customer information and capture operational data for analysis and control.

Which call centre phone systems solution you choose, very much depends on what you need it for. You need to ask the question; is the call centre only a small part of your business dealing with general customer care, technical support and sales, or is your call centre actually a revenue making part of your business, needing its own dedicated hub?

Juno Telecoms delivers call centre solutions tailored to each business situation, however based on strong hardware and software packages from our suppliers.


Three Types of Call Centre Products

Omni-channel, which refers to businesses who use multiple communication channels to engage with their customers and differentiate themselves by providing a consistent experience across all communication channels through integrating their technology into one single contact centre system, providing a continuous customer journey.

Omni-channel or Multimedia Contact centre solutions can offer blending, queuing and routing for phone, email, SMS, video, chat, social and self-service channels.

Alongside these priorities can be set based on channel type, agent skills, client SLAs and text analytics and much more. By using a single agent desktop, businesses improve efficiency and consistently deliver a more personalised customer experience.

Inbound Automated Call Distribution (ACD) is at the heart of the call centre and increases productivity by connecting the right caller with the right agent. It ensures that incoming contacts are routed to the right queue, priority and skills. The ACD automated call routing determines which agent should receive the next call, reducing wait times and increasing first call resolution, which drives increased customer satisfaction and retention. Intelligent automated call routing quickly routes calls to the right agent, using features like universal queues and routing for all media, IVR with position in queue announcements, in queue call-back, virtual call centre capabilities, including home agents along with skills-based routing and priority queuing

Outbound Call Centres offer three distinct types: Predictive, Progressive and Preview dialling so your organisation can choose the dialler strategy to meet your business objectives. Our smart dialler boosts agent efficiency by automating the dialling of multiple telephone numbers per contact, increasing the amount of time your agents are productively connecting with real prospects. All of this is supported by advanced scripting clients, Do Not Call List, Ofcom/DMA compliance, as well as TPS checking.

  1. Predictive dialling simultaneously delivers answered calls to your agents, providing all the customer information you have on file via a screen pop on the agents PC. Filtering out answer machines with maximum accuracy, your agents talk time is maximised and campaign productivity increased.
  2. Progressive diallers increase talk time by delivering customer details to the agent’s screen as the number is dialled. Progressive dialling mode allows each agent time to view the call detail information, but if the call is not answered within pre-set times, it moves immediately to the next record in the list.
  3. Preview diallers are ideal for more complex customer interactions, such as collections. Preview dialling provides the agents with the full customer history prior to launching the call. Providing a far more seamless experience for the customer and reducing the need for the call to be passed on to another agent or supervisor, therefore maximising the chances of initial call resolution.


Contact centre solutions can be delivered on business phones or softphones, based upon on premise platforms, cloud services, or even hybrid solutions for additional resilience.

Juno will work with you to ascertain the best methods of addressing your call centre needs using the latest SIP trunk & VOIP phone system technology.

Wallboards are a key aspect of contact centres used for motivation, tracking and decision making. A wallboard is a tool used to display key business metrics in real time. They are customised to the needs contact centre agents, supervisors or managers. Wallboards make the busy times easier by providing timely and useful information about call flows and agent status allowing supervisors to quickly act upon live statistics and enabling them to make fast accurate and informed decisions. These statistics and flow can be displayed on any networked PC monitor or LCD / Plasma displays.

Recording software provide the functionality to record and play back multimedia contacts. Every customer interaction with your organisation is transparently and painlessly recorded and stored for as long as you need it. Call recording is a great way to verify sales, resolve customer issues, ensure process adherence, and train agents on the correct way to deal with customers, as well as help in remaining compliant with GDPR, Mifid11 and PCI.


VoIP Phone System (Voice over Internet Protocol)

Small and medium size businesses looking to set up a call centre within their company for the purposes of handling technical support, customer care, sales and data collection often opt for a VoIP phone system or SIP phone solution (Session Initiation Protocol). These internet phone options offer businesses general desk phones, wireless phones or softphones with many optional call centre features, which more than meets their needs for high quality service and reliability.

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Dedicated Call Centre Solutions

Whilst a VoIP phone system and SIP technology offer a wide range of reliable and high quality solutions, from call centre features on existing business phones, to setting up virtual call centres, and using agents in remote locations; larger business, where the call centres are a business within their own right, might want to consider installing their own dedicated on premises call centre solution. Hybrid phone systems offering Cloud services with on premise failover, or on premises with Cloud back up are also considered for mission critical operations.

Juno works on the full spectrum of call centre phone systems. Please contact us below to discuss your requirements.

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