What are the Different Types of PBX Phone Systems?

PBX Phone Systems

PBX systems are the backbone of most modern businesses. They provide a number of different services to companies, from call routing and voice mail to automated attendant and voicemail-to-email functionality. PBX is an acronym that stands for Private Branch Exchange, which refers to the exchange between private lines or extensions on one side with public networks on the other side. There are many types of PBX phone systems – this blog post will discuss some of them!

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Traditional PBX phone system

A traditional PBX is a hardware-based solution that allows companies to host their own telephone communication infrastructure. It is usually the cheapest way for businesses to go, but it requires more upfront capital and expertise in order to set up and maintain. Traditional systems are often proprietary – meaning they only work with certain other devices or gateways.

On-Site IP-PBX Phone System

IP PBX systems are very similar to the traditional phone system, but the main advantage is that they use digital signals. The downside of this type of system is it’s more expensive than other types because you need to buy and install hardware for your office or home. 

Cloud-based PBX phone system

The cloud-based PBX system is a newer and advanced phone service that gives you all the features of a traditional, physical PBX but with more flexibility in how your business operates. This allows for better scalability to meet any need – from managing staff to getting new customers onboard or scaling up operations due to an increase in demand. The hosted software eliminates having heavy equipment sitting around taking up space while also offering easy upgrades as technology changes over time so there’s no risk of being left behind technologically like other systems may make it seem inevitable!

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PBX Phone System Costs

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