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Reliable Small Business Phone Systems

Being able to communicate quickly and easily with your customers and your people, from wherever you are in the world, is key to running a successful business. Juno can help you supercharge your communications with a full range of business telephony solutions.

Whether you’re looking for business continuity and disaster recovery solutions, unified communications, call recording systems or hold music and messaging, we can help. Juno’s comprehensive range of telephony, connectivity, mobile and cloud solutions is designed to deliver efficiencies to your business. We work with the world’s leading manufacturers, such as NEC, Unify, Panasonic and LG to ensure we give you the very latest and best technology, as standard.

Our lines and call charges are sourced at the lowest possible cost, with flexible plans to suit your budget. Our service to you is fully managed, meaning you have peace of mind, all the time and all elements of your business telephony from Juno will be are fully scalable, so they can grow with your businesses.

When you choose Juno, it’s not about giving you the telephony system that you think you want. It’s about working with you to understand what you need, and then delivering the solution and technologies that will help your business grow.

Small Business Phone Systems

As a small business based throughout the UK, it is important that your phone systems don’t hold you back from success. In general, many businesses opt for VoIP systems along with a backup landline for emergencies of the VoIP is unavailable due to connectivity issues. Although small businesses are increasingly using cloud-based phone systems due to their extensive capabilities and lower cost, cheaper business phone systems are not necessarily always the best.

It’s important that your small business phone system needs to have the basic capabilities of traditional phones, as well as newer features that enhance your business’ communication and productivity. The basic functions that business phone systems should include answering machine call transfer, caller ID, extensions, speed dialling, dial tone selection, etc.

As a small business, you want to keep an eye on costs. Therefore, focus on finding a business phone system with the basic capabilities and additional features that actively improve your business communication.

How Do Business Phone Systems Work?

Before you can understand how an office phone system works, you must identify it by type. The two basic types of phones are multiline and private branch exchange these are similar but differ in their degree of complexity. The simplest is a standard multiline phone. With a multiline phone you can have a maximum of about eight to 10 individual lines.

Multiline phones require manual operation. A private Branch exchange system – also called a PBX system – is an automatic phone system that larger businesses often use. PBX systems give you the option for additional lines and automation makes a central receptionist unnecessary.

What is a VoIP Business Phone System?

In short, a VoIP system works by transmitting the phone call audio via the Internet. If you’re looking for a solution to your small business phone systems, VoIP could be an option. However, it’s important to understand that not all users can connect to the same connection, as it can garble the phone lines or even cut them off all together. If a VoIP system is for you, then you will need to determine how many people you expect to be using the system at the same time, as this will determine the number of lines you will need.

Voice Over Internet Protocol – a system that enables you to make voice calls using a broadband internet connection as opposed to a regular phone line. You can then make phone calls over the Internet using a computer rather than connecting to a telephone line.

Why Choose Juno for Business Phone Systems?

  • Honest advice – We want to see your business succeed and therefore we will always give our honest advice. Connectivity is a world full of acronyms causing confusion. We at Juno strive for simplicity and transparency and we explain everything in layman terms.
  • Tailored options – Our solutions range from commercial offices to data centres, serviced offices, retail outlets and everything in between. Our expert team will work with you to determine your individual data or network requirements, building structures, future network scaling and expansion needs and the required functionality of your structured cabling installation. We work with suppliers such as Openreach, Virgin, KCom, Nine Wholesale and Gamma to ensure a breath of options optimised to the specific voice and/or data needs of our clients.
  • 24/7 UK Support – Our UK-based expert team will be with you at every step of the way to advise, provide and maintain your connectivity. We are here to ensure that you are always connected to your customers, your people and business from wherever in the world you are.
  • Scalable solutions – Upgrading as and when additional capacity is needed is a relatively simple process, and we will be there to advise you.

Contact Juno Telecoms for Business Phone Systems

When it comes to needing a new business phone system in the UK, be sure to get in touch with Juno Telecoms. We offer a range of business phone packages and our expert team will help you to choose the best internet service for your business. Having provided business internet services for a number of years, we have developed a well-known reputation for the service that we provide. At Juno Telecoms, we pride ourselves on offering a reliable and stable business phone system.


Why Choose Juno Telecoms for Business Telephone Systems?
There’s a number of reasons why you should choose Juno Telecoms for your business telephone and internet, this includes honest advice, tailored options, technical support and scalable solutions.

What is a Business Phone System?
A phone system works by transmitting the phone call audio via the Internet. Should you be looking for a solution to your business phone systems, we can help. It’s important to understand that not all users can connect to the same connection, as it can confuse the phone lines or even cut them off altogether. If a phone system is for you, then you will need to know how many people you expect to be using the system at the same time, as this will determine the number of lines that you will need.

Why do I Need a Business Phone System?
While your business might not need a phone system, if you are an ambitious person looking to grow your business, then a phone system should be considered. Phone systems are great for the growing business that’s in need of better communications. One number can be used for all sites, making sure that the system is easy to manage.

Will the Call Quality be the Same as a Regular Phone System?
Yes, there’s no need to worry, the business phone systems that we provide give the same level of clarity as with a regular landline. Depending on the setup, you may find that you get calls with a higher definition of clarity.

How Much Does It Cost for a Small Business Phone System?
The business phone systems that we provide to our customers will range depending on yours and your business’s needs. The cost of a business phone system will depend on the type of system you require and what you need from it.

VOIP or Hosted Telephony

Also known as hosted telephony, Voice Over Internet Protocol (or VOIP for short) describes business phone services that are delivered and managed entirely over the internet. If you have the internet connection to support it, Voice Over IP allows you to manage a unified communications business telecoms capability without the need for PBX hardware on your own premises.

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On-Premise PBX

A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a private telephone system used within a company or organization that switches calls between users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines.

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Hybrid Phone Systems

Widely considered a middle-ground between a traditional phone system and a Voice over IP technology (or VOIP/hosted telephony) system, a hybrid phone system installed with the help of Juno Telecoms could give you the best of both worlds. These on-premise phone systems retain many of the advantageous features of external ISDN line connections while incorporating the flexibility and insight provided by Cloud-hosted features.

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Unified Communications

Unified Communications is a term that provides an apt description of how different communication systems can connect for a digital workforce and provide incredible collaboration tools. Indeed, UC&C or Unified Communications and Collaboration is now a common term used in the industry. It does deliver a seamless solution for a workforce that is becoming more globally dispersed. As well as this, it ensures that regardless of where your employee is, they will be able to access the same shared systems.

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Direct Routing

Direct Routing is a means to connect Microsoft Teams to the PSTN or to the traditional phone network. If you have a business team to manage, implementing direct routing may increase productivity and drive cost efficiencies for your business.

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Mobile Convergence

Every business needs a solution for fixed and mobile communications. Their solution must be flexible and scalable, and it must work on any mobile phone. Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) makes this is possible. Your business can shift its workload seamlessly, following patterns of behaviour with employees in how they need and want to work. When you streamline your communications, your business can open the door to staff being able to work remotely and more flexibly. It also works wherever they are, improving their productivity and the way that they respond to customers. With convergence, a business can make both their customers and staff happy. Some of the biggest benefits of fixed-mobile convergence include improved resource management, superior caller experience, and enhanced call management.

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Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) is the architecture that allows you to call, email, chat, share your screen, send documents, make video calls, collaborate and more, all from a single interface, with the sole aim of simplifying and enhancing business communication across a company.

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  • During a periodic review of our operating costs we decided to look at the market for Telecoms. We were a BT customer and the customer service was poor. I wanted to move our office telecoms to a Derby company, with a real person whom we could talk to if things went wrong. We engaged Juno Telecoms and they provided us with a comprehensive detailed proposal that achieved cost savings, along with a new up to date telephony system. I know that when we need to add new lines or geographical numbers, it's just a phone call to George and it's sorted.

    Martin, MD

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  • You have both done such a great job and been so honest with me that I would like to introduce you to one of my clients and see what, if any, savings and improvements you can make to their telecommunications, both mobile and landlines.

    Jenni, Owner

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  • We would have no hesitation in recommending George and Juno Telecoms to any business looking to improve their telephone and broadband service, reduce cost, or needing an experienced and reliable supplier to help them move premises.


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