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Is your business internet critical?

If a fast, steady and reliable internet connection is central to your business success, then a dedicated fibre optic leased line connection might just be the perfect solution for you.

Fibre optic networks and Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) circuits, provide synchronous internet connection, which means that you can upload data to the internet whilst downloading large files at the same time, without loss of bandwidth.

Symmetrical connections are ideal when using VoIP solutions, such as hosted telephony, because they can achieve stable synchronous data streams in both directions. This prevents delays, packet loss and jitter and it also produces exceptional audio quality.

All Juno leased lines are VoIP compatible and details of our VoIP services are available here.

A dedicated line with a symmetrical connection will give your business uncontended internet access and fast data streams at all times, regardless of usage. Leased lines offer reliability, security, speed, high data throughput and complete peace of mind for you and your business.

Put an end to poor internet connectivity, slow speeds at peak times, usage restrictions, and enter a new era of the internet with dedicated bandwidth and symmetrical upload and download speeds, which is reserved solely for your business.


What is a leased line?

Leased lines are a direct line between your business and the world-wide-web, offering outstanding performance for both voice and data connectivity. Because they offer high bandwidth and fast upload and download speeds at all times, they are the ideal way to link your office to the internet without contending with other users. What this means is that unlike a standard internet connection where download speeds heavily outweigh upload speeds, this connection is symmetric and the data can travel at equal speeds in both directions.

A fibre optic leased line is a dedicated connection delivered directly to your business premises from the local exchange, providing robust and guaranteed high-speed performance, irrespective of the line’s length. It is the ideal option for businesses that regard high-speed internet access as mission-critical across both voice and data.

Simply put, a leased line is a dedicated, fixed-bandwidth, symmetric data connection. It is the fastest, most secure and most reliable data connection option available on the market today for internet critical businesses.

Unlike shared internet connections like DSL, Wi-Fi, or cable modems, where you access asynchronous or asymmetric internet connections, using traditional copper wires, a leased line is a dedicated telecommunications circuit, using fibre optic cables from your business to the carriers’, or the providers’ network, in exchange for a fixed monthly fee. Unlike dial-up connections, a leased line is always active, and it assures a consistently high-quality connection.

Here are our 6 key facts you need to know about leased lines.

It is, however important to note that a leased line is not the same as an internet connection. It is in fact far more than that.


What can leased lines be used for?

Just like a pipe can carry many things, a leased line can be used to carry a variety of data traffic, such as internet traffic including web pages, emails, video streaming; VPN (Virtual Private Network) traffic over WAN or LAN; phone calls; and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

However, it is most common for companies to buy internet access at the same time they buy a leased line.

They can be used to:

  • Link corporate offices to the internet and collaborate online
  • Connect local area networks, or several corporate offices together
  • Link PCs and servers in different locations
  • Carry phone calls and adopt Cloud Telephony
  • Share IT resources and carry large amounts of data between sites
  • Enable remote connections to head office PC


Benefits of leased lines

  1. For businesses who operate in multiple locations with remote staff, and those who rely on the quick transfer of large data between users, a dedicated line will have a direct, positive impact on both workforce productivity and overall client experience.
  2. With leased lines, data transfer is uncontended, therefore there is no ‘slow-down’ at peak times. The performance of the connection is not affected by other users on the network or the exchange.
  3. Leased lines are usually more reliable than more tradition ADSL connections. Unlike an ADSL connection (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line), which is a broadband connection utilizing existing phone line copper wires, leased lines use fibre optic cables, which do not suffer the same electrical interferences, and they also come with higher grade hardware for durability.
  4. Having a leased line means that there is business class support at hand 24/7. Leased lines come with Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and Service Level Guarantees (SLGs), which guarantee a quick fix time where major connectivity issues will be resolved quickly and efficiently.
  5. Leased lines are a good investment for growing businesses. With the range of products and services currently available on the market, leased lines offer a flexible solution for business expansion. Leased lines can be tailored to meet changing business needs over time, without the need to uproot the exsiting infrastructure.
  6. Although leased lines are more costly to install, and the cost is affected by a number of factors, this can be completely tailored to individual business budgets and business requirements, with future expansion in mind. Currently, there is a Gigabit Voucher scheme (include link) in place, which provides businesses with help and support for up to £2500, to offset initial installation and equipment costs.

See our advantages and disadvantages of leased lines.


Should you choose a leased line?

There is no escaping the fact that leased lines are more costly than more traditional Asymmetric Digital Subscriber (ADSL) or Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) connections. Whilst it is true that using standard internet can be much less reliable and secure, if your business is not internet critical, then the likelihood is that a standard, market-ready DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) broadband connection will do the job for you at a fraction of the price.

However, if your business needs a highly reliable, but cost effective connection backed by an SLA (Service Level Agreement), and you operate in multiple locations with remote staff where quick and efficient data transfer is critical, then investing in a leased line is probably the most cost-effective choice you can make for your business in the long run.


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