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If your business depends on a synchronous and dedicated connection to the internet, then a fibre leased line is the perfect solution for you for reliability, security, speed and throughput.


What is a leased line?

Leased lines are a direct line between your business and the world-wide web. They offer high bandwidths and fast upload speeds at all times. They are the ideal way to link your office to the internet without contending with other users. What this means in the real world is that, unlike a standard internet connection where download speeds heavily outweigh upload speeds, with a leased line the connection is symmetric, meaning that data can travel at equal speeds both for upload and download.

For business users who have remote staff or rely on the quick transfer of data between users, a dedicated leased line can have a direct impact on your workforce’s productivity and client experience.

Put an end to poor internet connectivity, slow speeds at peak times, usage restrictions and enter a new era of the internet.


Benefits of leased lines?

A fibre leased line is a dedicated connection delivered directly to your premises from the local exchange, providing robust and guaranteed high speed performance, irrespective of the line’s length. It is the ideal option for businesses that regard high-speed internet access as mission-critical across both voice and data.

Data transfer is uncontended meaning that the performance of your connection is not affected by other users on the network or the exchange, and with the range of products and services on the marketing, your solution can be tailored to your requirements.

All Juno leased lines are VoIP compatible and details of our VoIP services are available here.


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