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High Volume Call Centre Phone Systems

A key to handling high caller volumes in a call centre is to understand how to route and manage the calls effectivelywhile maintaining quality customer service. Businesses today have a number of communication channels open to their customers, and competition and high expectations mean that businesses need to get their call and contact centre phone technology decisions right from the off.

Call centre or contact centre software solutions offer enormous benefits to companies. An effective high volume call contact centre phone system gives your business the edge with the tools it needs to provide a consistently high level of customer care, and to stay at the cutting edge of your field.

A Call centre, or otherwise known as a Contact centre, is a hub of the business where high volumes of incoming and outgoing calls are made and received. Its main purpose is to provide customer support, engage in market research and execute sales operations by efficiently managing the high volume of calls.

Why Invest in a Contact or Call Centre?

An effective contact centre can enable your business to attract and retain customers, keep callers informed, empower existing customers, ensure agent productivity, manage efficiencies and streamline operations based on data collected. Having the right number of call agents on the rota at any given time at your contact centre is an important factor in your business’s success when managing high call volumes. It is also a balancing act that can be difficult and frustrating for many supervisors.

One of the significant challenges with high volume phone calls in an inbound call centre is the long wait times or hold times that they can generate in the contact centre. There are options for the centre to use to minimise those wait times and maximise consumer satisfaction with call agents response times. Callback queues is one possible solution. No matter how many calls are incoming, a callback queue enables handling of all calls with adequate time and attention to detail. Customers won’t have to wait in long queues for a live connection with an agent if they can opt for a call back, when agents become available. IVR or Interactive Voice Response systems are another method by which callers can be quickly routed to the correct person to answer their query.

Benefits of a Call Centre in handling high volumes of calls

A Call Centre has two main functions: to serve existing customers by servicing them and by selling add-ons to existing services, and to attract new prospective customers.

Call centres are also a very useful tool in gathering data from existing customers about their experience with your service and their preferences. You can use this data to modify your business and to make it more appealing to customers and keep your competition at bay.

If you are looking to grow your Call centre business, investing into your call centre phone system is the best way to reach a large number of people in a personal way, with the aid of well-trained operators.

What we offer businesses managing high volumes of callers

We at Juno can provide call centre or contact centre solutions that enable remote work solutions, integrate business processes, control costs, and ensure business continuity.

We offer a complete range of solutions, from entry-level applications which enable informal call centres to efficiently monitor, manage and route calls such as simple IVRs, through to complex multi-site, multi-operator or cloud-based operations.

Modern call centres often make use of remote or flexible working agents and VoIP call centre technology to create the potential for scaling up and down as peaks in call volume occur. High call volumes can be seasonal, time of day or due to significant changing events. The primary consideration in utilising remote workers is as a cost cutting measure. Remote agents can be quickly added to the workforce as and when required and also released as needed, without significantly impacting the daily operations of the onsite call centre. This allows call centre supervisors the freedom to scale operations as needed to address changes in call volume patterns without high overhead costs.

Whether you run a small contact centre with only a handful of operators, for example a simple Help Desk, or a large, multi-site virtual distributed call centre with complex capability requirements, Juno can provide a bespoke contact centre solution that will help you streamline business operations and boost customer satisfaction.

High Volume SIP Trunks

High Volume SIP Trunks are designed specifically for customers, and more specifically high volume outbound call centres which require high call attempts per second and high channel capacity. They run on separate dedicated platforms built for high traffic volumes, ideal to support busy call centres. Combining the certainty of a committed channel volume but with the flexibility to burst with spare capacity on the network.

Our Guarantee

Although there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to call centres, our expert team can guide you through an array of phone system options and integrations, including CRM, forecasting and integrated workforce management tools to ensure you have a cost-effective contact centre solution that meets the specific needs of your business and ensures handling of high volumes of outgoing calls or incoming callers.

Juno will also help guide you when it comes to regulations in this field. Identifying and implementing the correct dialler type (for example, preview or progressive diallers versus predictive diallers) which will help avoid abandoned calls, an area which is now heavily-regulated. The call centre systems that Juno offers can provide automated TPS checking to ensure conformance with ICO regulations from the outset.



What is a blended call centre?

A blended call centre is set up to make high volumes of outgoing calls and to process high volume incoming phone calls.

Do SIP trunks provide good voice call quality for my high call volume, call centre phone system?

Providing you have the right ethernet data services in place, call quality will be clear as a bell.

What is the difference between an Outgoing call centre and an Incoming call centre?

Incoming call centres deal primarily with incoming calls, and the agents typically don’t make calls on behalf of their customers. Outbound call centres are the opposite of inbound and make high volumes of calls to potential clients and are usually more sales and marketing focussed.

In a high volume call centre how do I calculate my abandoned calls rate?

Divide the number of abandoned calls by the total number of incoming calls. For example, if your contact centre receives 2,000 calls and 80 are abandoned, your abandon rate is 4 percent.

What is Inbound call management?

Inbound Call management is the process of designing and implementing inbound telephone call rules, based on volumes or time of day or agent skill sets, which govern the routing of the calls. Calls are routed according to the set up of the features in the phone system such as Call queues, IVR or Auto Attendant menus, Hunt groups and Recorded announcements.


IVR or Interactive Voice Response is phone system technology which allows incoming callers to navigate through an office or call centre phone system. They are sometimes called Auto Attendants. The caller listens to the IVR menu, and interacts with it by pressing different keys. The system then routes the call to the correct person or hunt groups depending upon the input.  IVR’s typically work with DTMF tones or touch tones from a telephone. Many now have voice recognition or even artificial intelligence to respond to and route callers.

IVRs can be used for varied applications as well as simple call-routing.  Data capture as well as payment collections and conducting surveys are possible.

Startups and smaller companies can use IVRs to make it appear that the business is larger than it actually is. IVR prompts can be set to allow callers to route to Customer Services, Sales, Marketing or Accounts, yet they may still all be answered by the same person.


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Call Recording

Juno’s call recording solutions can provide your business with a way to record, store and play back all your inbound and outbound calls in high-quality stereo sound.

Call recording has many different uses, eg compliance (FCA, PCI-DSS), fact verification and risk management, training and mentoring, quality control, governance, business and customer insights and mission critical environments, for example, emergency and police.

Our extensive range can be tailored to work specifically for your business size, structure and needs, meaning you can engage effectively with clients, secure peace of mind and evidence in the event of litigation and ensure you meet your industry’s regulatory compliance requirements, which is of particular relevance to businesses which process card payments.

Call recording is becoming an increasingly-popular option among businesses of all sizes and from all sectors because of its wide range of applications, which can help you gain a competitive advantage and protect both your business and your employees.

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Payment Services

The next phase of PCI DSS compliance is a ticking time bomb which has slipped under the radar of many firms that process card payments.

Juno can help you take the necessary steps to ensure your business will comply with forthcoming legislative changes to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which come into force in less than two years.

From 25 May 2018, any organisation which processes or stores payment card data will need to adhere to new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation.

A PCI breach can cost a business millions of pounds in fines, but the negative impact it can have on a company’s reputation can be even more damaging.

Juno’s advice to businesses which process card payments is simple – get ahead of the game, make yourself aware of the forthcoming changes and speak to a PCI expert who can help you to ensure you remain compliant.

We can provide your business with an enhanced fast-track service which achieves PCI DSS compliance quickly, cost effectively, robustly and without huge disruption.

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On-hold Music

Placing your customers on-hold, provides you with an ideal platform to market your business and tell them about your products and services.

Over 70% of callers are put on hold for an average of between 45 and 60 seconds, so why not use this time to promote your business and provide your callers with useful information or targeted marketing messages.

Juno provides on-hold music services which can help improve your customer service and boost your clients’ perception of your business.

We offer a selection of both male and female voiceover samples, a broad range of royalty-free music, and expert advice on messaging and scripting.

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Fraud Management

Cyber-attacks present a growing threat to businesses of all sizes.

Juno can advise you on a range of solutions which provide strong defences against a full range of attacks, from both hackers and the ‘insider threat’, that are easily implemented and cost-effective.

Our comprehensive portfolio of fraud management solutions will put you in full control of your systems and infrastructure, to identify and prevent network takeovers, internal data breaches and payment fraud.

We can help you to configure a bespoke solution that meets your exact needs and helps to keep your networks, data, employees and information safe and secure.

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