0500 numbers become obsolete in June 2017. Are you prepared?

Non georgaphic 0500 number

Freephone 0500 number range to become obsolete, June 2017.

The majority of UK freephone numbers now begin with 0800 and 0808, which makes the 0500 number prefix obsolete.

The 0500 number ranges were set up to be free to call.  They generally remain so from landline telephones, including payphones, but most mobile phone companies will charge for calls.

As 0500 numbers are not well recognised by the public. Ofcom plan to withdraw them from use by 3rd June 2017.  The last 0500 numbers were issued in 1998. An option to gain a replacement number starting 08085 has been made available.

Juno Telecoms, through our tier 1 network provider partners can offer businesses who still have 0500 numbers with a  ‘matching’  freephone number that starts with 08085. For example, the owner of the number 0500 711 639 will be able to switch to the number 08085 711 639.

Juno suggests you do not wait till the last minute. Replacing your number is a quick, straightforward process. Updating all those places where it may have been advertised, such as on websites,  directory services etc might take a little longer!

0808 numbers have been in general use since 1997, alongside the better-known freephone numbers starting with the 0800 prefix.

The batch of phone numbers starting 0808 5 was made available in 2015, specifically to replace older ‘0500 numbers’.

Businesses do not have to use the 0808 5 number.  The only requirement is that they stop using the old 0500 number by 3rd June 2017.

If they prefer, they may replace their 0500 number with a completely different number instead.

If you currently own an 0500 number and are unsure about the next stages to take, and need advice on replacing the number then please contact our experienced team on 0345 070 5850 to discuss options, or any other use of Non Geographic numbers.

With an 0800 or 0808 telephone numbers, or previous 0500 number, your customer does not pay for the call. The cost of the call will be charged to your company. By offering your customers 0800 phone numbers to call for free, you are showing that you care about them and want to keep communication channels to them open , but not at their expense.

There are many benefits for companies using 0800 or 0808 phone numbers.  These can include improved customer satisfaction and retention; increased sales and ROI; location flexibility or national presence; and the ability to understand targeted marketing metrics.


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