Benefits of Gamma Horizon as a hosted VoIP phone system?

Gamma Horizon

What is the Gamma Horizon Phone System?

The Horizon phone system is a hosted communications system that can provide businesses of all shapes and sizes with a wide range of telephony capabilities through an incredibly easy-to-use web portal. The system is designed to help businesses take back control of their fixed and mobile telephony by enabling administrators to manage and configure the system on the Horizon portal and for individual employees to manage their own calls and feature set easily and efficiently to help boost productivity levels. The benefits of a Gamma Horizon phone solution as a VOIP system for small businesses are many.

Some of the many benefits of a Gamma Horizon phone system are:

Flexible Working

The Horizon system makes flexible working, whether from home or on the road, or multiple office locations, a possibility. The system enables users to work productively wherever they are without overly complicated setup and configuration procedures.

The Gamma Horizon system can be scaled as the business grows without any costly reworking of your current infrastructure setup. As the Horizon phone system is a fully hosted system that is delivered over your existing IP connection, it is much easier to add new users to your system as your business grows. If you need to add a new office or work location to your service, that can be easily done. A Gamma Horizon system that is operational over several sites will also allow your employees to transfer calls easily between the different sites.

Cost Effective Set up

The Horizon phone system has been designed to work with minimal capital outlay required to making this the ideal telephony solution for businesses or ventures irrelevant of size. Manage your organisation’s entire communications from multiple sites down to individual users, via a simple web-based horizon portal interface.

Choice of Hardware for the Horizon phone system

Gamma has partnered with Polycom, Cisco, and Yealink to bring customers a wide selection of IP devices. For example, Yealink’s cordless option is ideal for mobility while Polycom has devices ranging from entry-level phones to the premium devices,  enabling a full feature set on a device of your preference. 

The Benefits of Gamma Horizon Collaborate App

This adds in instant messaging, audio and video conferencing along with file sharing, all in one application for both mobile and desktop devices. Further enhancing the flexible and remote worker experience

Business Continuity with the Horizon portal

Unexpected events such as pandemics, storms, snow, floods, strikes or utility roadworks won’t disrupt your business as the Gamma Horizon phone system is operated completely in the cloud. Using the Horizon portal to enable  re routing of calls across the business or to external locations is a straightforward task

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