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What is a 3CX Phone System?

3CX is an open standard software IP PBX system that allows for the integration of video, voice and instant messaging into a single system. 3CX features include but are not limited to: web-based administration, SIP/H.323 protocol support, advanced call routing capabilities, faxing & SMS. As a leading hosted platform the 3CX phone system offers great functionality and reliability across desktop softphones and mobile devices as well as conventional phone handsets.

It is based on the SIP standard & it works with a range of phone hardware and also features web browser-based extensions and mobile apps. SIP Trunking is a way to make and receive connections for voice and data transfers over the internet. As the 3CX phone system is based on the SIP standards, it works with different vendors SIP Trunks to make and manage the connections effectively.

What features does a 3CX cloud based IP PBX deliver?

3CX is extremely feature rich with all the expected telephony features included ‘out of the box’. This allows you to keep the setup as simple as you want it to be initially and then expand later without paying for licence upgrades or expensive add ons

Some of the most common phone system features are listed below, but please speak to us for more information on the 3CX VoIP telephone system:

  • Call Management/Routing (e.g. transfer, forward, hold, park/pickup)
  • Auto Attendant /IVR / Digital Receptionist
  • Ring Groups, Pickup groups
  • Voicemail / Music on Hold
  • Works across handsets, softphones and mobile apps
  • Call Reporting
  • Call Queuing with Real Time statistics, monitoring and reports
  • Call Recording (if PCI compliance/MiFID II is required, call for details)
  • Configure BLF’s & speed dials on handsets/softphones
  • Unified Communications (presence, video, chat)
  • Customise your status, settings and configuration, listen to voicemails and see your colleagues’ status from your browser.
  • Microsoft Teams integration (requires Enterprise Licence)
  • Conference Calls
  • Barge In / Listen In / Whisper
  • Wallboard tools
  • Voice Mail via Email/Transcription
  • Integration with popular applications & CRM’s (includes Office 365, Salesforce, Zoho and more)
  • Clients for Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, Web

Does a 3CX phone system support Remote Working?

​No office? Not a problem. With 3CX you can use your business phone system anywhere, for true remote working. All that is required is an active internet connection to make and receive calls via your desktop WebClient or 3CX mobile app. Just as if you are in an office! Whether you’re working from home or moving between meetings, you’ll have all the voice, video and chat tools you need to stay productive on the move.

Does 3CX cloud based IP PBX support Video & Web Meetings?

3CX phone systems feature HD video, file sharing, whiteboards and much more. It’s easy to meet, teach and collaborate online. You can personalise your video conferencing platform with your corporate branding, to create that professional image. 3CX WebMeeting utilises WebRTC technology, to offer secure conferencing without the need for complicated pin codes and logins. It’s video conferencing from your browser, without the headaches!

Replace your expensive and inefficient ISDN lines with SIP Trunking.

If you’re still using antiquated ISDN lines with your existing telephony solution then its time to replace them with flexible effective SIP trunking, which offers a much more efficient, cost-effective and reliable way of delivering business telephony.

Advantages of SIP trunking.

  • Lower monthly Line and DDI Rental – The monthly costs to run multiple lines for your office drops significantly.
  • Number Flexibility – Number flexibility with SIP trunking means that you can keep your existing numbers, even when moving location.  Potentially saving costs on printed company literature and stationery and also offering flexibility in numbers to give the perception that you have a presence in the new geographic areas.
  • Lower call charges – Competition between providers has reduced call charges, with inclusive call bundles available.
  • Enjoy a more flexible PBX solution – With SIP trunking, it’s easy to add channels to your business phone system to address increased call volumes. The days of having additional lines installed and then having to upgrade your legacy PBX to interface with the new lines are gone.
  • Eliminate VoIP Gateways – SIP trunks will eliminate the need to manage additional VoIP Gateways


Why make 3CX your business communications system?

3CX is a robust, fully equipped phone system, which allows you to communicate with your colleagues and customers – anywhere, anytime.

In summary here is a breakdown of why a 3CX phone system is the solution for your business:

  • Telephony: Web client and mobile apps for remote working.
  • Video: Included in your system, no add-ons needed
  • Live Chat: Talk with your customers in real time via your website or Facebook!
  • SMS: Allow your customers to interact with you instantly
  • Integrations: CRMs, MS 365 and Teams
  • Low Cost: Save on your phone bills, add ons and hardware.
  • Flexible: Keep your numbers, choose your phones and your provider
  • Secure: 3CX includes advanced security features
  • Install anywhere: Hosted or on Premise


To discuss how a 3CX VoIP telephone system could impact your business effectiveness, call Juno on contact or email details here.