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Juno Telecoms is dedicated to assisting charities and third sector organizations in enhancing their communication systems to meet modern demands. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by these entities, Juno offers customized telecom solutions that balance cost reduction with increasing demands for flexibility and productivity. With services ranging from VoIP soft phone clients to effective inbound and outbound virtual call centre solutions, Juno ensures seamless interaction with advisers and clients. Our expertise extends to managing telephone calls efficiently and providing comprehensive collaboration tools, crucial for charities to thrive in today’s digital landscape

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With the vision for Charities and Non-Profit organisations of reducing costs, driving the best value in terms of service delivery, enhancing productivity and supporting volunteers, funders and stakeholders, finding the correct charity telecoms infrastructure is paramount.

Good communication systems can lead to modern and flexible services to serve a range of individual needs. Juno Telecoms helps charities and third sector organisations balance cost reduction with the increasing demand for flexibility and productivity in terms of new services and remote working. We apply collaboration and communication tools within teams across multiple locations and on the physical devices staff wish to use.  These devices can be tablets, mobile phones, desktop handsets or VoIP soft phone clients. We deliver effective inbound and outbound virtual call centre solutions to ensure seamless conversations with advisers and clients.

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Management of telephone calls effectively through a day night service, intelligent call routing, auto attendant and recorded announcements ensures incoming calls are always answered. Collaboration and unified communication tools provide effective and flexible communications via audio and video conferencing, e-mail, SMS or simple voice and instant messaging to ensure the charities services are delivered. With built in disaster recovery in the unlikely event of a site emergency, incoming calls can quickly and easily be redirected and staff enabled to log in at home as though they were in the office.

While connectivity and communications provision and support are essential for effective operations, many organisations in the charity sector do not have a core business function dealing solely with their communications systems.

At Juno, we can provide the phone system solutions and support your charity or community organisation requires to run effectively and efficiently.

We understand the importance of being able to deliver highly secure data connectivity and voice communications to the third sector, where funding can be scarce, to deliver maximum return on investment.

We can develop bespoke phone system solutions for charities which include:

    • Cloud migration & number porting
    • Process and workflow management improvements
    • Integrated VOIP and Unified Communications (UC) solutions
    • Internet Connectivity solutions to enable flexible working
    • Consistent service delivery to multiple sites and remote/flexible workers
    • Complete 24/7 support and network monitoring
    • Hot desking to accommodate space restrictions
    • Non geographic or virtual numbering
    • Backup, Disaster Recovery and Fraud prevention solutions for reduced risk
Juno Telecoms

Telecoms for Charities and the Third Sector

We have been working with many charities in the UK to help them find the right charity telecoms systems for their unique needs. From mobile phone or CRM integration to call recording and voicemail to email, some of the Juno Telecoms solutions delivering benefits in terms of operational efficiencies and cost cutting to the Charities and Third sector are:

  • Integration of the CRM system with the VoIP phone system so that, when customers call in, the details and history notes relative to the caller will appear on the agents screen. This allows the agent to start the call in a personal manner and make the caller feel more valued. Our office phone systems integrate with CRM systems including Zendesk, Outlook and Sage.
  • Wireless phones, usually DECT Cordless, or Wifi phones for those common areas such as conference rooms.
  • Integration of mobile devices, either via a number twinning feature or by means of an app bringing the office phone system functions to the mobile phone ensuring staff stay connected when travelling, with the mobile phone acting as an extension of your main office phone system.
  • Call Management applications to give an overview of all calls both in and out of the business. This might be used to identify bottlenecks or understand when the peak busy periods are.
  • Voicemail systems including voicemail to email, and transcription services. Users are alerted straight away and any missed calls can be followed up in a timely manner.
  • Bulk SMS services from our web based SMS system offers versatility in ensuring successful appointment notifications, confirmations and delivery via SMS.
  • Auto-attendant or IVR to inform customers of opening hours, and very importantly to enable callers to route directly to the department or persons they wish to speak with e.g Accounts, client advice line, hot lines etc.)
  • Call recording to ensure firstly PCI compliance in the event of taking credit card payments over the phone and secondly to ensure an accurate record is kept of all calls, in the event of disputes, errors, or to confirm the case conversation details are correct.
  • Mobile and VoIP integration is a necessity for charities with responsibilities to keep both office staff and remote workers connected. Client satisfaction is greatly impacted by accurate tracking of case details ad can only be met by a flexible, reliable communications solution which integrates a broad range of endpoints such that smart phones, VoIP soft phones and tablets, can be added, converging voice and data services easily.
  • Mobile and desktop apps, ensure the  whole workforce is unified and reachable everywhere, even when on the go. These tools have real benefit when running a Virtual Call Centre or a centralised advice centre.
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Mobile Phone Solutions for Charities

Juno Telecoms offers a range of mobile phone and SIM only solutions and have been providing mobile phone solutions to charities across the UK for a number of years. We can also provide advice on particular types of handsets to suit specific requirements. Juno Telecoms provide a range of smartphones and handsets suitable for all of your business requirements.  New technologies like 4G and 5G, mobile broadband, eSIMs and M2M (machine to machine) can be considered within a business mobile contract. For more information on the mobile phone solutions that we provide across the UK, contact Juno Telecoms today. Being network independent means that we can recommend the most appropriate solution for your business requirements.

Virtual Call Centres

A virtual call centre is a client service centre where agents or volunteers answer advice calls for example, but aren’t necessarily in the same or a single location. They can be in various locations, either people remote working from home or different office locations, but they are connected via virtual call centre software. Typically using PCs, with VoIP soft phone applications, connected with bluetooth or USB based headsets they operate making and taking calls as if in the office.

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Bulk SMS Service

Our bulk SMS service comes with market leading tools to help make your text messages go further and produce more impressive results. Quickly send any short and important SMS messages locally to United Kingdom, or even worldwide. Easily send transactional messages like one-time passcodes and SMS alerts, tickets, or even promotional messages from your online portal or CRM system.

Perhaps remind supporters they can include gift aid in their donations by including a link to a mobile form so they can submit their details. Or keep the clients in the loop throughout the entire appointment process with SMS alerts and messages.

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Why not consider Juno Telecoms for your Charity Telecoms integration challenges?

The telecoms solutions that Juno provide are wide ranging. DECT cordless phones for those large spaces, Leased Lines and broadband options for internet connectivity, and VOIP systems to meet all office phone system requirements. If you have a particular or unique charity telecoms challenge in your sector, please make contact and we will do our very best to find the optimal solution for your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will Charity Telecoms solutions be expensive?

Every charity is unique and will need slightly different things from their communications solutions. As such we offer free, no obligation site surveys to make sure any solutions offered fit the customer needs both in terms of functionality but also budget restraints.

There’s a number of reasons why you should choose Juno Telecoms for your business mobile contract. This includes honest advice, tailored options, technical support and scalable solutions, finding you the best charity telecoms solution.

We would sit down with you and ascertain what type of PC or mobile device will be used, along with which headsets are required to delivery quality VoIP for charities.

This is done by first sitting down and making sure we understand the workflow in terms of calls and channels of communication into the charity, before setting out a detailed proposal including deployment plans for your review.

Yes, Juno can assist with leasing if this is a financial requirement. We would introduce the appropriate Leasing company to ensure you get the best terms for your charity telecoms.