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In today’s fast paced world, getting your business telecommunications right has never been more important. Our voice services are one of the lasting means by which we can add that personal touch back into our business communications and client relationships.

At the end of the day, we know that people do business with people, and nothing can improve that relationship more than a reliable and flexible business telecoms package.

The continuing advancements in services such as VOIP and video conferencing mean that with the right infrastructure in place, you have an opportunity like never before to connect with your staff and clientele. At Juno we understand the importance of this, it’s a mantra we live by ourselves!


Why choose Juno as your Business Telecoms provider?

The right advice

The simple truth is this – not every company needs every technology. At Juno we work hard to understand our clients’ needs, and then offer the right solutions and infrastructure to support and grow their business.

We’re not in the business of limiting our clients, but rather empowering them to serve their clients better.


Feature rich telecom services

Juno’s solutions provide robust, business-strength communications to your users, whether they are working in or away from the office. They comprise the standard telephony features expected from a traditional phone system, as well as a complementary range of Unified Communications (UC) features that can help your staff to be more productive and drive customer engagement.

Add to that web-based administration and user portals, feature-rich handsets, soft phones, mobile applications and CRM integration, and the benefits become even more appealing.


Value for money

An investment in your business telecoms is an investment in your client relations.

At Juno we are constantly working to offer the best value to our clients as possible which goes beyond the price you pay. We are committed to our own customer service and after sales support, offering a UK based helpdesk to aid you with any part of your telecoms solution right from day one.


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