Generic Ethernet Access (GEA)

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What is GEA?

Generic Ethernet Access is an efficient and cost effective leased line option that brings high speed internet access to businesses using Ethernet Fibre.

A GEA connection is particularly suitable for businesses that require a high download speed but where upload speeds are not mission critical.

The infrastructure set up for a GEA configuration is very similar to that of Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC). It uses the existing copper cabling from the cabinet to your premises. However, the main difference between GEA and FTTC is that whilst FTTC uses fibre cabling to get services to the cabinet, GEA uses a higher speed Ethernet network.


Benefits of GEA

Generic Ethernet Access can offer higher speeds than FTTC connections but for a similar cost. For existing leased line customers upgrades to a GEA connection can be provided within a matter of days.

On top of the higher speed benefits, GEA also offers connections to other services such as VoIP and VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections among other services.


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